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Physical Therapy

Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises using legProcare Therapy Services’ Physical Therapists are licensed professionals whose primary goal is to develop, maintain and restore movement and functional ability. These specialists are especially needed in situations where mobility is hindered by the process of aging or due to injury or disease. Our physical therapists consult with other professionals such as physicians, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers in order to maximize continuity of care.

Our physical therapists evaluate, reassess, and design rehabilitation programs to empower patients and their caregivers. We include training in areas such as: bed mobility, transfers, pain management, utilization of mobility assisting devices such as walkers/canes or crutches. Additionally, patients are instructed to learn stretches and exercises that improve range of motion, strength, balance, coordination and endurance. Physical therapists also provide home safety evaluations to maximize day to day independence and safety in the home.