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    I came to ProCare Therapy Services to build my strength and coordination back on my left side after a brain tumor caused damage during mid to late 2014. My limitations really revolved around balance – stairs, walking, running with my lower half. My upper body strength and more frustratingly coordination in my left fingers, hand, arm, and shoulder were (in my opinion) ruined. This also caused a ton of emotional issues from being unable to lift, hold, carry or support anything on my left side. Typing became pretty impossible and is 80% of my job.

    I went to therapy for PT at another clinic in Nov-Dec of 2014. It was decent – a good start; but when I was abandoned after the new year because of scheduling issues, I talked to the Brain Injury Foundation of RI.  They highly recommended ProCare Therapy Services. I made appointments for PT & OT which I hadn’t been offered through RI Hospital. Working with Dorothy & Brandon for my evals, Erin & Santana with treatments in PT, and Brandon for OT immediately I could tell it would be great. What I like the most about the therapy is the personal connection, the patience, and the specialized treatment for my injury. I wasn’t getting that at the other clinic; I was actually told that I would never be “normal” again during my third visit. I’ve never been closer to normal than now after weeks of working hard with the amazing therapists ProCare Therapy Services put me with.

    I haven’t felt this good about my balance and coordination with my left side in over a year and I’ve met some really great people! Each time I have a session, if something gets easier, you guys will find new ways and new movements/exercises to challenge me and force me to adapt so that I can recover even faster. I’m paid attention to in every aspect and I know that I’ll be doing the exercises correctly so that my recovery is not only quick but precise with good form. I’ve given a reference to RI Hospital’s Oncology Dept. for ProCare Therapy Services, too. They should send all patients to you.

    Michael - Cranston RI

    The total Rehab experience for me was simply the best.

    It began with home therapy from Pinnacle given to me by Jennifer Berthiaume, PTA. I went from sheer fear to absolute respect for her approach and technique which, at all times, respected me and the wound from the surgery. I believe the best part was her detailed explanations of why and what to do along with a very caring and pleasant approach.

    Once I had completed the home care, I elected to go to ProCare Therapy Services for the continued rehabilitation. I cannot say enough about Jen. Every single step helped me and I was amazed at my progress each week. I think without Jen’s caring and motivation I would have had difficulty with the whole thing. She has this amazing way of explaining pain, how to deal with it and, most importantly, what to do every day for the entire rehabilitation process.

    It has now been six months since my surgery and it is a miracle. I owe the fact of my wellness entirely to Jen and the entire PROCARE team. Hats off to Celeste Jones and Alisha Carr for running such a good place.

    Jen I will never forget what you did for me and for my family. You are SIMPLY THE BEST!

    Nick - East Greenwich RI

    I absolutely love the professionalism combined with the family feeling you get at ProCare Therapy Services. Their therapy and patient education services really help get you feeling better quick. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!
    Cheryl - Providence RI

    Best Place for therapy. I had severe back pain. They helped me get back to normal. A million THANKS!
    Lori - Cranston RI

    ProCare Therapy is awesome. They helped me out with my leg. Jen is the best therapist and was so supportive and encouraging. I’m very happy with the care I received here.
    Anonymous - Providence RI

    Very Good! Dorothy is very patient with me and a great asset to ProCare.
    Geoff - Warwick RI

    The ProCare therapists explained the sources of my injury and lead me in exercises that targeted the problems. They always provided explanations for what we were doing and why and helped me construct a treatment plan I can keep up with at home. They also provided some massage and taping to address the specific pain I have. The whole ProCare team is very personable and great to work with.. Thanks to the whole ProCare therapy team for everything.
    Laurel - Providence RI