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January 4, 2017  Like By

A testimonial about my complete rehabilitation after receiving a new hip…

The total Rehab experience for me was simply the best.

It began with home therapy from Pinnacle given to me by Jennifer Berthiaume, PTA. I went from sheer fear to absolute respect for her approach and technique which, at all times, respected me and the wound from the surgery. I believe the best part was her detailed explanations of why and what to do along with a very caring and pleasant approach.

Once I had completed the home care, I elected to go to ProCare Therapy Services for the continued rehabilitation. I cannot say enough about Jen. Every single step helped me and I was amazed at my progress each week. I think without Jen’s caring and motivation I would have had difficulty with the whole thing. She has this amazing way of explaining pain, how to deal with it and, most importantly, what to do every day for the entire rehabilitation process.

It has now been six months since my surgery and it is a miracle. I owe the fact of my wellness entirely to Jen and the entire PROCARE team. Hats off to Celeste Jones and Alisha Carr for running such a good place.

Jen I will never forget what you did for me and for my family. You are SIMPLY THE BEST!



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